What is a Snow Day?

Bundle up with some hot cocoa, a fuzzy blanket and a good show/book. Its a snow day!!! With COVID a majority of people attend school or work from home. This means you only really will leave the house to maybe get some food or do some errands. Lets be real, we all ignore our responsibilities and order in when it snows outside. Maybe even when it doesn’t.

So, what is a snow day anymore? You can’t see your friends or go to the store because the roads are bad. Meaning, you’re stuck in the house like you’re back in the first lockdown. Plus, you still have to attend school or work because it’s virtual. Which by the way is fucking dumb. Snow days are a right of passage.

Is there really any true snow days anymore? A snow day is a day to let go and throw snowballs at your parents or siblings. Maybe, even your loud Karen of neighbor. Now, you’re still stuck in school unless there is a power outage. Why? because school is online now.

So, what the hell is a snow day anymore? Is it just a day to be lazy and not leave the house because you actually have an excuse?

I have some questions for homeschooled kids. Whats a normal snow day look like for you? Did you still have to attend your classes? Whats something kids in school could do on a snow day even if they’re stuck in a virtual class?



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