Why I Can’t Write Long Stories

I have always been a firm believer in not making the story (or article) longer than it necessarily needs to be. I feel as though the more you add useless things just to take up some space ruins the quality of an article.

Its a short piece it does not have to be that long. The more drowning on you do about things that are not part lf the story, the more the readers are going to get bored and click off. Its that simple. I mean a lot of people on this app are probably on their phones. I know I am.

Not a lot of people want to read long stories that could easily be cut in half. Especially, if they are on their phones.

Also, this somehow reminded me, please check your editing to make sure it all makes sense.

Don’t get me wrong, stories and articles have to also be long enough for everything to make sense. For the entire story to flow and get your point across. Thats something that’s extremely important. I always go through my drafts about a few hundred times before posting them. Making sure to add or take away anything I need to.

I feel as if long stories don’t pair well with my ADHD. I could be 100% into whatever I am reading or writing and I will hit that time stamp where my brain shuts off. So, thats where the drafts button comes in handy because I can always fix it up later. Also the book marking stories option is amazing. I just felt I needed to add that.

No one is going to look at your story and be like “oH mY gOd its only 2 minutes long! what a loser!” No, they might not even notice it. I personally barely even look at the amount of time someone else’s story is. Unless, I have something I need to do and don’t have a lot of time or simply just don’t have the attention span to read a longer article.

It shouldn’t matter how long your story is. The only thing that should truly matter is the quality of your piece. Sometimes, that means cutting it a little short.

I mean would you like to read something that’s filled with useless information just so it adds some length? I mean its either that or reading something short, simple and sweet. Adding useless information just to thicken the length is never a good idea. It will mess with the plot and leave the leaders wondering what the story is actually about.



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